Terms of Service

This document sets forth the agreement of the principles, guidelines and requirements herein as the Terms of Service of WarezServer Hosting Solutions , hereafter referred to as Us, We, Our, Ours, Company, governing the use by the customers, hereafter referred to as You, Your, Yours, of WarezServer Hosting Solutions's services. These Terms of Service, hereafter referred to as "TOS", define the scope and limitations of Company's obligations to the Customer and the Acceptable Use Policy of the services by you.

We retain the right to modify this Agreement at any time and from time to time and any such modification shall be automatically effective as to all customers when adopted by us and published at "http://www.warezserver.net/terms-of-service.html". Company shall be the sole and final arbiter in regards to the interpretation of the Agreement. By utilizing our Services, You agree to be bound by the terms outlined in this Agreement.

Abuse, Violations Strictly Prohibited

Abuse and violations of system or network security are prohibited, and may result in suspension or cancellation. Examples of system or network abuse or security violations include, without limitation, the following: .

Server Abuse

Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to a server or customer of WarezServer Hosting Solutions is strictly prohibited. As our customer you are responsible for all your accounts. Your may be canceled without chance of refund if you find enagadged in such activities.

Disclosure to Law Enforcement

We tend not to disclose any and all subscriber information as long as your are using services for lawful purpose and abide by our terms of services. In addition we will have the right to terminate all service set forth in this Agreement..


Sending unsolicited bulk and/or commercial information over the Internet. It is not only harmful because of its negative impact on consumer attitudes toward , but also because it can overload WarezServer network and disrupt service to WarezServer subscribers. Also, maintaining an open SMTP relay is prohibited. When a complaint is received, WarezServer will investigate and shutdown the account that is SPAMMing. Furthermore WarezServer Hosting Solutions reserves the right to prosecute for this violation.

Account Cancellation

We accept only one form of cancellation described in following kb article.

Cancellation Procedure

Please note cancellation requested by other form will not be accepted at all. Also, please note that we retain a right to cancel your account anytime for any reason.

Moneyback Policy

We offer 48 Hours Money back guarantee on condition,$2 Processing Charge will apply

We do not offer any Money Back gurantee on dedicated servers under any condition. If you have made the payment for dedicated, it can not be reversed under any condition

Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of our Network. Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. we will investigate occurrences and take appropriate action. These violations include but not limited to:

Backups and Data Loss:

We do not take any responsibility of your data. Its your own responsibility to keep backup copy of your data to safe place. Although we take weekly backup, its for our own purpose only. In case you need any backup, we provide it to you as a courtesy.

Last updated 02/12/2016